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Safety and security of the children in our care is paramount.  Whether the children are playing, dining, resting etc, they will be under constant supervision.   

Our building has been designed to the highest standards and the toys and equipment we use are age appropriate and have ECC/British Standards approval.

All of our grounds are well secured with access only through the main door. The main door has a highly secure intercom system which will only be answered by management. Each of our main rooms are covered by CCTV with another 5 covering the grounds outside. Hard disk recordings are kept for your peace of mind. We hope this can, in a way show you how confident we are in our team and what they do. We understand the importance of knowing your child is settled and comfortable in our nursery, therefore the CCTV can be observed at any point during our opening hours by any parent/guardian in our family room.

A fob security system is in place to provide top level safety for children in our nursery. Anyone arriving to pick up their child can use their FOB to let themselves into the setting, this allows easy and quick access and no waiting around. Each parent has their own unique FOB number personalised to their child. Only parents, family members and friends with a previously registered FOB will be allowed access into the setting.

In the event of an emergency where a child cannot be collected by a relative or friend using their FOB, then we still have a password procedure. This password is specific to every child, but parents would still be contacted by phone before the child is released if a prior arrangement has not been made.

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