3-5 years

Ratio 1 staff : 8 children

Maximum 30 children

Children experience a wide and exciting range of activities that are freely and easily accessible throughout the sessions. These include adult led rhyme and rhythm activities during ’Music and Movement Time’ and fun filled opportunities to play percussion instruments. 

A wide selection of resources are offered and are available for the children to self-select, which promotes independent learning. Sunflowers also have direct access to our outdoor play area.

The library bus will also be visiting once a month and the children are encouraged to board the bus to choose books, including a short ‘Storytime Session’ by The Librarian. The children also have use of an extended variety of art and craft materials and mark making materials, to promote their fine motor skills in preparation of starting school.

Sunflowers is painted the colour orange...

Orange is a very comforting colour. It promotes a welcoming feeling and inspires interpersonal conversation. Orange is friendly and puts reservations at ease and is known to stimulate conversation.

Inspirational quote of the month...

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