At Bumbles we observe and assess your child every minute of every day. The practitioners in your child's room will use their knowledge and expertise to engage your child in fun, stimulating and educational activities. We will then use their interests and their own choices to carefully plan further opportunities to learn through play. 

Each child will have their own online profile which is a working document, this will be completed by your child's key person and you as the main carer. We will regularly hold parent consultation meetings to discuss your child's development and allow you to contribute to their development file. 

To assess your child we will use an online assessment tool called Learning Book, this can be easily shared with parents through a secure log in system, not only allowing you to read through your child's assessment, but also enabling you to contribute to their learning journey very easily. To read more about Learning Book, please click here.

The principles that should underpin assessment of young children’s learning and development are as follows.

  • Reliable and accurate assessment should be based primarily on the practitioner’s knowledge of the child, gained predominantly from observation and interaction in a range of daily activities and events.
  • A well-thought-through pedagogy must be in place so that the provision enables each child to demonstrate their learning and development fully.
  • Practitioners should be looking for evidence of ‘embedded learning’ – this is identified by assessing what a child can do consistently and independently in a range of everyday situations.
  • An effective assessment should present a holistic view of a child’s learning and development.
  • Accurate assessments need to include contributions from a range of perspectives including the child (whenever possible), their parents and other relevant adults.

If you have any other ideas on how we can involve parents and guardians in their child's development file, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to your child's key person.

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