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Children will be given the utmost care and individual attention where good relationships with regular staff can develop. All children are encouraged to co-operate in small groups so that social skills, personal relationships and confidence can be developed. 

Bumbles will essentially be a place where children will have friendship and fun, where they will be involved with discovery, and creative and imaginative play, both of a structural and open ended nature. Children will have opportunities for free play enabling them to make their own decisions and develop independence.

From the earliest age children will be encouraged to explore and investigate a wide range of opportunities using a variety of toys, materials and media. These are chosen to reflect good design and quality and to be educationally stimulating. Children are also given the opportunity to play with everyday household items in Heuristic Play. We are delighted if parents contribute to our collections.

Activities will vary according to individual needs and those of the age group, and will cover many aspects of learning. Activities on offer include sand, dough, clay, water play, cooking, creative work using paint and a variety of materials. There are also role play areas. Staff are encouraged to allow children to lead their learning.

With structured learning through play, children become familiar with solving problems and develop awareness in technological and scientific thinking. Introducing children at a young and absorbent age to simple mathematical concepts will enable them to become increasingly proficient in language and communication skills and develop the pre-reading and pre-writing skills essential to their further development. In the pre-school room a structured and planned transition will allow a smooth process when leaving for school. We have a qualified teacher and early years professional who are qualified to teach the children jolly phonics and early writing skills.

Each child is given equal opportunity to gain the maximum benefit from these activities so that they will have access to the broadest, most balanced, relevant experiences that can be offered.

All children have the opportunity for fresh air and outdoor play, with the two older rooms having direct access and an open door policy at some points throughout the day. Children may also be taken on purposeful outings which are often used as a stimulant for discussion for art work or other activities within the setting.

A routine and a weekly plan of activities are displayed in each room, and each child has an individual record of their learning and development. This accessible at any time by parents.



The Nursery is very spacious and each room has been designed to engage children’s minds in meaningful sociable play. Children have access to a wide range of exciting activities and resources to develop and enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills.

The Nursery has been furnished and finished to the highest standards with each piece of equipment and resource having been carefully handpicked. Our setting enables us to cater for different age groups, with each room being bright and airy.


The Nursery has a safe, purposely designed play area. At Bumbles Day Nursery we regard the outside as an extension of the inside offering a wealth of choice of activities so children can build, balance, explore, experiment, dig, paint, pretend and enjoy.


Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on 01132572579, email complaints@bumblesdaynursery.org.uk or visit the setting and meet with management.

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